Teeth Cleaning FAQ’s

We scale any plaque and overall introduce our service to them so they start feeling comfortable. We will have your pet for 30 minute and then provide a 15 minute teeth brushing session with pet parents. We are well trained in pet behaviour, pet handling and teeth scaling techniques. However, there are some things to note about your appointment. We do not charge if we are unable to start working with your anxious pet. If your pet's mouth cannot be cleared in an hour due to anxiety or age we will break the appointment up for an additional fee of $50, this is for their wellbeing but rarely occurs.
Your Dog/Cat will not experience any pain or discomfort. We are scaling off plaque just like we humans have experienced.
We rely on our pet skills to establish a trusting relationship with each animal and at the same time use gentle relaxation techniques, which allow the pet to feel safe and comfortable. Even fussy pets with challenging personalities are usually very cooperative.
Yes, we have a sterile kit of tools we use for the day for each individual animal. At the end of the day we sterilize our tools in a chlorhexidine solution.
Just like humans as part of regular pet care it’s best to have your pets' teeth cleaned every 6 months
Although we manually scale teeth’s surface and under the gum line there are circumstances where we might not be able to remove your pet’s tartar. We do not diagnose diseases, pull teeth or X-Rays, these services are left to veterinarians
No age minimum or maximum. It’s never too early with good oral hygiene. Some gum disease can be irreversible and as dogs age teeth can become looser, bones can become brittle and the ability to do a thorough cleaning may be reduced. I will discuss this with you prior to the teeth cleaning – going anesthesia-free still may be your best option for teeth cleaning
When you come in for your appointment we will look in your pet’s mouth to check for any obvious problems. If we see anything that appears irritated, loose, broken or just out of the ordinary, we will recommend that you see your vet to have a dental cleaning under anesthesia and there will be no charge. Before we get started we will check the mouth for: tooth mobility, visibly apparent gum recession, breaks/chips, bleeding/swollen gums, tissue injuries or signs of infection. If during the appointment we find any problems that we didn’t see right away, we will either call you or put the information on your report card so you can discuss any further action with your own veterinarian
We love using coconut oil as a natural toothpaste. The same stuff you use at home for cooking is perfect. We are supportive of any dental treat as long as it something they actually have to chew on. Things that crumble like a cookie tend to do very little in our opinion
As with children, most dogs and cats behave much better when their guardian is not present. I prefer to work with you pet alone as I find that they settle down and are much calmer. I can assure you that the safety and well being of your pet is always my number one concern